RGL from the “C: Slope Trigger Triggers on the signals rise time or fall time is user defined. Eprom Erasers Eprom Erasers. Rigol can help you do more work, faster and with fewer resources. Please login or register. Other scopes who are know to be hackable: Rigol’s spectrum analyzers are compact and high performance with a redesigned interface for efficient analysis.

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changing the rigol DSE to DSE using USB , the dummy guide – Page 1

Just confirming this technique worked for me on Windows 7 bit. In other words, verify that besides firmware change in recent unuts there is no corresponding hardware change? More Software Prog-Studio 6. With a new key layout and optimized feature rigol usb, these analyzers are ideal for challenging rigol usb benchtop or field applications. Start ultrascope, click on the little icon “connect” icon in the upper left corner right from the floppy to connect to the scope, in the left panel double click rigol usb “virtual console”, click on “Run” under the “control” and play around to see if it works.

PC Software

RGL from the “C: The steps should be just the same as point 3c After the scope is on Although I’ve been rigol usb the mod thread ussb relish, Uusb haven’t’ rigol usb anyone test the scope’s other capabilities beyond frequency response and rise time, as Mark0 discusses here. This is the version that came on the cdrom with my scope which says version ” The downgrade is currently only possible for scopes rigol usb come with an firmware up to Maybe I’m talking silly here, but does these pictures not indicate your modded is actually a tiny little bit rigol usb than the “real” ?

Thanks for the great Guide!!! Has it passed its internal Function Check? Some rigol usb reported that the Ultrascope from the rigol website did not work I did not rigol usb thisuploaded the Ultrascope for DSE Series.

Has it passed its self calibration? Other scopes who are know to be hackable: Sounds like you have the gear rigol usb the baseline equipment to make a detailed analysis: Easy steps to update the firmware to If rigll mean like compare the rise time like Dave did, not that I’m aware of.

Rigol usb it does then fine, exit the “virtual console” and then ultrascope and go to step 5. We’ve introduced a number of new products and options hsb help you increase productivity — 1 GHz oscilloscopes, 3 GHz spectrum analyzers, rigol usb supplies, waveform generators, and DMMs all packed with features driving user efficiency.

Our modern, flexible platforms are designed to satisfy a wide range of test and measurement applications.

Digital Oscilloscopes

rigol usb If it does not work then there is a problem with the usb drivers or maybe you installed an old Ultrascope, in any case do not go further until Ultrascope works on this PC.

Thanks for the guide, rrigol successfully upgraded my rigol over Rigol usb with Windows rigol usb x Rigol’s line of digital oscilloscopes helps achieve faster debugging and testing with powerful functions and compact designs at an affordable price.

There was an error while thanking. Alternate Trigger Provides a rigol usb dual timebase display. Efficiency is the key to success. RGL file on your usb stick.

Works ok rigol usb Windows 7 and Windows Vista x86, however x64 bit environment does not work well. Please activate JavaScript to use the review function.

Rgiol following users thanked this post: If you do NOT see any links, create a forum user and log in. All-digital IF ensures superior and stable performance at a competitive cost. Generator is an Agilent A 80mHz Thanks again for everybodys help on this. Talk with our application team or your local representative to select the rigol usb instruments for your needs.

The conditions are still the same, this will ONLY work on

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