I got a satellite as dim video on lcd. Unfortunately the only way to find out is testing the laptop with a good backlight lamp. The color was always great until the last day so there were no symptoms of a fading bulb. Does it sound like I got a bad inverter? I figured out that if I put a spacer 2 thicknesses of cardboard between the memory module and the cover, the memory seems to work. I have a gently used older laptop Compaq Presario which had been working fine and the screen went suddenly black.

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I think ebay and google are the only options you have. It is not necessary to connect the data cable, only the hp pavilion zd7000 pci flash memory for the FL inverter would be enough. Please let me know if you still think upgrading the BIOS will help as it does not seem to be a Windows problem.

This seems to confirm that the first screen indeed had a backlight problem. I have a Compaq Presario v, 2 years old.

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If you see the same pattern of bad lines, the system board or the video card is bad. It is hard to say witch part is causing the problem. Please give me the model number for your laptop. If lines go away when you twist the screen, then I would suspect the LCD screen itself. I am out of my warranty since I have had the machine a little over a year so I brought it to a local shop. I do not think that inverter can turn itself off for safety. Xxloganxx, Have you tried to reseat the video cable on the system board?

Hi, Thank you for your help. I want to how to do it. That is where my multimeter might come in handy: Any help will be be very wellcomed. Does this suggest any other cause for my problem than the inverter? Actually heck, looking at it I dont see any screws or anything like that holding the screen on.

Jason Denniston, The best way to test the inverter board would be replacing it with a known good one. Simply unchecked, clicked apply and rechecked and applied and it did appear. Fixing notebook LCD screen with water damage. Try to reseat cables on both end of the FL inverter to make a better contact between the cables and the FL inverter board.

Where do I hp pavilion zd7000 pci flash memory the inverter for this uncommon laptop? If you can get it, you are lucky. I am almost positive that you are having a problem with the LCD screen. This has had no effect on the display issue. Decided to also replace the inverter and LCD hp pavilion zd7000 pci flash memory to cover all bases. My problems sound very similar to posts 8 and Is there any way I could bypass the switch to take it out of the equation?

The detailed instructions and photos here were a great help in giving me an idea of how to do this. External monitor works fine. Pat, Start the laptop with an external monitor and wait until it goes to a standby mode. The OSD works fine as well. Even though the external monitor works fine, the problem still could be related hp pavilion zd7000 pci flash memory the motherboard.

If he tried that already, you may try replacing the video cable. The laptop problem — completely white screen. I just replaced the Inverter in a Dell. Hi, My presario laptop screen goes dim after a few minutes once it boots up.

The inverter did not fix it. Over this period of time, a second problem began to arise, so sometimes, when I adjusted the screen angle or hp pavilion zd7000 pci flash memory it initially, the screen would flicker a few times to black, and then come back on. I removed the FL inverter board to take it to a computer shop and find that part.

Check the LCD lid close switch. Just a few days ago I opened my Compaq Presario R after it sat in hibernate mode for about a week during a move. Could be bad connection between the video cable, inverter board and LCD Could be bad damaged video cable.

It remans functional disc etc, boot-up but the screen goes blank with the long beep sound. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out what is wrong until you test the laptop with a known good backlight lamp hp pavilion zd7000 pci flash memory inverter board. It can be related to the lid close switch, defective video cable, bad motherboard, faulty backlight lamp hp pavilion zd7000 pci flash memory not properly working inverter board.

I would try replacing the inverter board first. Is there anywere else I can go to find this part?

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Texturiser Test 1 2. Or is this a FL inverter issue? May be you installed a bad FL inverter?

John, Did you try to boot the laptop in Safe Mode?

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