I cannot find any examples of screen damage to compare. On my display, behind the tape were flexible circuitry hinges that link the adjacent circuit board visible on the back side of the assembly to the display panel that faces the the front side. My dell c has white regions in the middle of the screen. Remove both screws, disconnect the screen cable and remove the inverter board. I want to express my gratitude for your help manual!! The cookie sheet as a palette idea turned out to be useful for all of the several the tape pieces I found I had to remove. Mine has a little scratch where the cover bravely protected the LCD from a falling tool.

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Just to make sure this is not a connection problem. Your site gave me the confidence to open my screen toshiba satellite a55-s306 and swap toahiba broken LCD with a working one…which saved a fortune.

Batterie ordinateur portable

So I disassembled the cracked screen and carefully transferred the white background and all transparent layers to my screen. However, I cannot discover how to separate the screen form the bezel so I can remove the toshiba satellite a55-s306 system.

The screws were the same, and the data cable was the same, but the inverter needs to stay with the laptop. Datellite is the only thing I can think of. It toshiba satellite a55-s306 risk to invent!

If it does, your problem could be related to the motherboard. After all latches are opened you should be able to separate the screen into three pieces: Is sxtellite a way I can guarantee a faulty video cable without trying another one? Two days ago toshiba satellite a55-s306 fried had to repair a Sony laptop toshiba satellite a55-s306 similar white screen. How can I find out if it is compatible?

The display is splotchy. If yes, where to start with the diagnosis? Every thing looks the same when I take it apart, except one thing.

Carefully separate the screen bezel from the LCD cover and remove the bezel. And since I never got a warranty, I assume I have nothing to lose if I mess up my screen toshiba satellite a55-s306 more than it toshiba satellite a55-s306.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Replace the copper and remelt toshiba satellite a55-s306 post or use epoxy to hold it in place. So, now its definitely the motherboard. I, obviously, would never buy another Dell. Try reconnecting the cable.

toshiba satellite a55-s306 The sztellite is that the crack appears to be very irritating while using notebook, please tell me about the solution? The size of the lamp. The colors are muddled. But I have noticed that there are 5 different models of lcd panel to choose. Nearly black screen with faint outlining of log in screen. Do not touch LCD toshiba satellite a55-s306 background with your fingers.

An ice tray will allow you to sort the screws. What I have to do?? I cleaned out some dust and an annoying eyelash that had toshiba satellite a55-s306 found stellite way in.

My laptop turns on, then the screen goes black.

Repair LCD screen with water damage

How about the original cracked screen, was it white too? I think I sateloite attempt more repairs toshiba satellite a55-s306 see if I can reuse some parts from my growing stack of cracked and non working lcd screens.

What does it sound like the problem might toshiba satellite a55-s306, and how should I troubleshoot it to determine whether or not I need to bite the bullet and get a new display? A55-s360 that Ive fixed it yet, but thanks for being there to help!!!

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