Yup i have tried that Mr. No fans, no video output, nothing. If the charger is good, most likely you have a problem with the motherboard or DC jack. Most likely this is motherboard failure. I got what you intend, thankyou for putting up. Usually, laptop manufacturers do not share information like that. They do not work with motherboards, they just replace them.

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Ive left everything unplugged except the power, and processor and fan and sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio ive narrowed it to motherboard or processor. And after 10 minutes, it still never shuts down.

All files are saved on the hard drive. Sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio except for a high pitched whine very faint. I guess you can do it yourself if you are careful enough. September 28, at 1: But they have sent me back my computer and it now at least turns on. If you can find the Toshiba part number, audil can google it and find more results. Did you test his battery pack and adapter with your laptop or you tested your new battery in his laptop? I have an Dell Inspiron laptop.

If it would be just a bad keyboard, the laptop would start.

System board also know as motherboard

December 18, at 4: I guess I was right, the motherboard is fried. First off, I want to thank you for creating such a fantastic and pcf-7a2l site!!! If this problem appears only on the laptop screen but external video is fine, this could be the video cable or LCD screen failure. July 13, at 9: Osny you have to guess, Sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio would try the motherboard first.

July 16, at No fan, no noise and no lights — no sign of activity at all. My vajo is Toshiba Satellite A If the laptop still restarts with a new adapter, sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio must be some kind of motherboard failure. August 8, at 9: Remove hard drive and test.

Been searching for several days and have had no luck what so ever.

System board also know as motherboard | Laptop Parts

I shall start to backup my data tomorrow morning as I think I might drop it off to a nearby computer store sooner rather than later. August 14, at 2: The battery is now no more charging from charger.

Apparently the battery charging circuit failed. Did you try replacing the memory module with a new vaoo good one? It appears that the laptop is working as you can sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio see the screen with a flashlight. First problem occurred at this point. First of all, I would try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each module separately.

I noticed that the yellow and orange LEDs are on at the connection port. Try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each module separately.

Turn on the laptop and try entering the BIOS setup menu.

Also, try cleaning the optical lens inside the DVD drive. After you unplug the display cable from the motherboard, you can test the laptop vaoo an external monitor attached to the VGA port.

First of all, test your laptop with video output on the external monitor. Try cleaning the cooling module first. Try reconnecting the soby to the motherboard. I thought it was the CMOS battery as some of my frind sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio me dissamble it and change i with a new one, but still no luck.

K, K, K, K September 12, at September 7, at 7: December 29, at 9: Try removing them one by one. You can recover files using an external USB enclosure.

Prices vary depending on the laptop brand and model. Can you enter the BIOS setup menu and check video settings in there.

sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio All my files are there and I am so worried. She spilled coffee into the keyboard. If you could email me to see if you know what the problem is that would be great! What is my problem? The machine worked fine yesterday but when i tried to turn it on today it has been unresponsive. Could be memory failure.

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