Most of us either did trial and error or just connected some of them in some combination described above and it worked. Put it up as high as you can, and do your best to create a line-of-site scenario with your computers. WiFi reception is the same as with my MacBook Pro. It took 10 minutes. I had the same problem and then I got desperate. I succeeded when I held the pliers nearly vertical in my right hand, flat against the drive bays.

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But now that Apple has been using Broadcom products widely for their newer Macs, I would put more faith in that brand rather than Atheros. From the diagram on the service manual, it looks like you would have to snatch these wires pretty hard to cause any serious damage. Low signal and transmit rates of Ar5bxb92 xp the first one through the hole in the card first, ar5bxb92 xp might help to position it in place and ar5bxb92 xp screw it in.

ar5bxb92 xp I tried to change the way the wires are plugged 1 and 3 2 and 3 and 1 and 2 but the same result. Thanks for doing this! I finally pushed the mini screwdriver with the kit, ar5bxb92 xp the side of the PCB and just kept fishing, following the bluetooth cable.


It can ar5bxb92 xp somewhat hard to position yourself because the wires are short, but keep trying. There are three AirPort cards. However, I have another problem and I am not sure what to do with it.

Works like a charm now!

Getting the antenna leads to snap onto the J2 and J1 connectors is the toughest part of the installation. Love of greetings, Katharina from Cologne. I just installed the airport extreme card ar5bxb92 xp my Mac Pro. They looked like ar5bxb92 xp are wrapped together with a ar5hxb92 of other wires, looking a bit like a car wiring harness. Thanks again, Gail ar5bxb92 xp teacher. Ill try to zp back once I install it. For me, this was super easy.

Does ar5bxb92 xp have any suggestions for what to check or do? I theoretically have a mbs vs. Thanks for the guide and thanks ar5bxb92 xp all for the helpful comments. According to Russel, the wire 1,3,BT combo is correct, any suggestions on what could be causing the terrible signal? Is it a coax or just a single wire? I figured out the following if ar5bxb92 xp would like to know:.

Do I need a screw for each wire or do they just snap on the posts? Move your router away from everything, actually as much as you can. Card slides in very smoothly ar5bxb92 xp top ar5bxb92 xp little force. Once you pull out the wires, get a thin plier and cover the plier heads with tape as another comment suggested. I have an 8-core dual ar5bxb92 xp Intel Xeon. Many thanks for the excellent instructions. Airport Extreme cards can be gotten from a number of places but you have to be careful to get the correct one.

Glad you found this article to be of help. I have Mac Pro early and they say not have any upgrade to work with airdrop.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

I never thought about their size. You got me up and running in no time flat. This xr5bxb92 is created using ar5bxb92 xp self hosted which pulls from gravatar.

I just installed mine. Connection can ar5bxb92 xp done by carefully placing the lead connectors small circular receivers in the side of the wire ends ar5hxb92 the circular areas on the card first.

Please feel free to climb down off your high horse and ar5bxb92 xp elsewhere.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

Installing the card should be ar5bxb92 xp very carefully px with much patience. I also have a MacPro3,1 running Leopard Server with the exact same card.

As I wrote previously, the report on this card was for a Mac Pro. Can anyone help me to correctly identify the ar5bxb92 xp two, and which antenna goes on the airport card.

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