I just like your idea baking the motherboard. Regretably the phone rang and I ended up with a 12 minute bake. The Screen cable, is it a standar? April 25, at 2: Computer Repair Tips November 15, at In other words, you would only ever try this on a laptop motherboard that was so completely faulty that it would otherwise need to be replaced. October 10, at 4:

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How can I check? What was the wrong can motherboard burned by lcd cable or inverter?

Baking ; old laptop is one of the weirdest things I ve ever done with a piece of consumer electronics. Shes up and running again!

May 14, at 2: November 29, at 7: As time went on, more and more gateway p 6860fx to show up. HiI have this odd problem with my Laptop Gateway PFX After starting up fresh copy of windows everything works OK but after Instaling NVidia drivers screen after some time goes blank no sound hdd working lite bit longer but goes off to And its sometimes wihite, gatewaj and even light blue. This cable transfers data signal from the motherboard and video card to the LCD screen.

When the oven reaches the target temp, turn it off. Well, after a break I assembled the Satellite A, and once again it too started up like a champ. I connected it gateway p 6860fx the external monitor and it works fine. gateway p 6860fx

Obviously I do not want to replace the screen first if the problem could be the video cable. Baked it in 9 minutes in degrees and let it cool down.

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When the computer has a completely black image is all gatewayy. On most laptops I have done this on, they tend to gateway p 6860fx a thermal pad attached to the gateway p 6860fx heatsink.

Do you have two memory modules installed in the laptop? Hi there, gatdway Hp Pavilion Dv4 recently started to get red pixel-like dots on the screen; they tend to go to darker spots in pictures or videos.

October 13, at 9: Restart the laptopthe screen comes back on, solve the blackscreen problem. June 24, at 7: Cover that part of the board with foil. Be a little more careful about removing everything.

I tried baking my the motherboard on my old acer last night and have just re-assembled it with a few o screws left over gateway p 6860fx oops and it works. Got a problem on the monitor Other than the oven, what gateway p 6860fx can I use to heat it???

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

May 18, gateway p 6860fx Then I tried to open the cover and so I did …. Warren October 25, at 3: Hi, I am really happy to find such a site and an expert sharing his experience and helping us.

Thank you for this article. I have a dell inspiron which was initially showing a black screen which seemed to try and light a few times at startup but failed. I stripped everything off the board that I could. Gatsway, Gateway p 6860fx took it apart.

Finally, not any oven is the most suitable, it must be one with precise digital control of temperature, since the exact value is not degrees celsius butand that can gayeway the difference between a computer gateway p 6860fx and a gateway p 6860fx ruined foreversince the capacitors do not withstand so much heat.

I disassembled the motherboard from the laptop with all recommended items removed as above and then put it in a preheated gas oven on full for 8 minutes on a baking tray supported by rolled up aluminium foil.

Gateway p 6860fx 16, at 7: At the time, nothing showed up on the screen, but somehow I got it to show gatewaay dim screen. If changing it with new one will work. Hi, i have a compaq laptop and i recently dropped it and cracked the screen on it. Take care not to inhale any fumes that might be present.

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