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I Am Number Four

The others are now scattered. So what do they do? Would you like to subscribe to Bookperk and receive daily e-book bargains,sneak peeks, special offers, and more—delivered straight to your inbox? They wont stop till all are destroyed. A thousand curses upon your rating system, O Goodreads, for making it impossible to give a i am number four book pdf download 0 stars – this “book” has 0 redeeming qualities and deserves a corresponding rating.

Those 19 have to repopulate Lorien when the time comes. Books by Pittacus Lore We’d love you to buy this book, and hope you find this page convenient in locating a place of purchase. For the love of Alex Pettyfer, I will watch the movie and will read this book!

When one of downloax is killed, a spiral scar is seared into the leg of the remaining Loriens, signaling the threat level to the next in line. These include hands that glow like flashlights lamethe ability to communicate with animals meha fireproof body getting betterinvisibility now this could be something worthwhileand telekinesis Yahtzee!

This is, unfortunately, when the i am number four book pdf download thing starts falling apart: Because of the lack of well developed characters, I’m giving this book three stars. I just had no interest in any of the characters.

Then they were followed and the final annihilation is in progress to destroy the last remaining Loriens. Lorien is a cheap imitation of Earth, and its inhabitants are equally cheap imitations of humans.

Popular I Am Number Four Series Books

She never had a clue what he was and you can tell how much he wanted to be honest with her and drop his guard in the hopes he could find someone to trust and love. But I got this weird vibe coming from deep within me after I finished reading the book. They can’t destroy one without the other.

In essence, this book was lazily written, barely edited there’s several typos in the book and pure crap. There’s this sentence in the first couple pages: Lorien Legacies 7 books. And when a book doesn’t have them, relying completely on generic stereotypes instead, it takes away quite a bit from the experience. Ella has been kidnapped. See All Goodreads Deals…. It’s readable, and the New York Times bestseller list shows it has a wide following particularly among teen boys Add to Cart I am number four book pdf download to Cart.

I really liked the story line. It took me a few days to figure out what it was, so I will explain to you what the weird vibe was.

I Am Number Four: Harper Perennial literary fiction and nonfiction. I suppose this is another case of a book with a decent concept, but incredibly pd execution of said concept.

United as One – Pittacus Lore – Hardcover

The action in the end made up for a lot though! In fact this is so ridiculous I boo to repeat myself, that’s how ridiculous it is. Go to high school like us. Books Collection By Pittacus Lore.

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